Roof Maintenance 101: The Effect of Weather On Your Roof

It’s crucial for you to maintain your commercial property, including the roof, in prime condition as a business owner or manager. The weather can have a significant impact on the lifespan and functionality of your roof, which is your first line of defense against the elements. In this article, we’ll look more closely at how weather affects commercial roofs and offer advice on how to maintain your roof to protect your investment and increase its lifespan.

How Weather Affects Your Commercial Roof

Your commercial roof may become damaged as a result of high temperatures, precipitation, wind, and sunlight. Listed below are some specific ways that weather can affect your roof:

Heat and UV Rays

Your roof may expand and contract due to heat and sunlight exposure, which over time may result in cracks, leaks, and other damage. Your roof’s lifespan may be shortened by UV rays’ ability to fade and deteriorate materials.

Rain and Snow

Heavy rain and snow can put a lot of weight and pressure on your roof; if it wasn’t designed to withstand that pressure, it could leak, cause structural damage, or even collapse. Small cracks and openings in your roof may also allow water to enter, which can lead to rot, mold, and mildew.


Shingles or other roofing materials may be lifted and torn off by strong winds, leaving your roof open to leaks and other damage. Even if your roof is built to withstand strong winds, debris and other objects can still be blown onto it and cause dents, punctures, and other types of damage.


Commercial roofs are particularly vulnerable to damage from hail because it can dent, crack, and puncture the roofing materials. Even tiny hailstones can harm your roof, and if it was already compromised by other weather factors, hail can exacerbate the issue.

Ice and Frost

Ice and frost can accumulate on your roof in colder climates, causing water to back up and form ice dams. Your roof may experience leaks and other damage as a result of ice dams allowing water to seep in. Ice and frost can also cause your roof to swell and shrink, which over time may result in cracks and other damage.

Tips for Maintaining Your Commercial Roof

To protect your commercial roof from the effects of weather and extend its lifespan, regular maintenance is key. Here are some tips for maintaining your commercial roof:

Schedule Regular Inspections

You can prevent minor issues from developing into major ones by performing routine inspections. When a significant weather event occurs or at least once a year, hire a qualified roofing contractor to inspect your roof. They are able to spot any problem areas and suggest fixes or upkeep.

Keep Your Roof Clean

Over time, debris, leaves, and other materials can build up on your roof, trapping moisture and leading to damage. This buildup can be avoided and your roof can remain in top condition by having regular cleanings. Use the appropriate cleaning supplies and methods to prevent harming your roof.

Address Repairs Promptly

It’s critical to address any leaks, cracks, or other damage to your roof as soon as possible in order to stop further harm. Don’t wait until the damage gets worse before getting a professional roofing contractor to make any necessary repairs.

Consider a Roof Coating

The lifespan of your commercial roof can be increased and weather effects lessened with roof coatings. They can provide a waterproof barrier to stop leaks, reflect UV rays, and reduce the amount of heat your roof absorbs.

Maintain Your Gutters and Downspouts

Water damage can be avoided by directing water away from your roof with the help of your gutters and downspouts. Make sure your gutters are clear of obstructions, that they are operating effectively, and that they are guarded against clogging by installing gutter guards.

You can help shield your commercial roof from the effects of the elements and lengthen its lifespan by paying attention to these suggestions. Regular upkeep and inspections are essential, and it’s critical to address any problems as soon as they arise to stop further harm. Your commercial roof can protect your property for many years to come with the proper upkeep.

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